Friday, April 30, 2010

Visit from Grandpa Smith

Last night we had a surprise visit from snow bird Grandpa Smith. Morgan could not have been happier to have some company to play with. We let her stay up extra late to hangout with grandpa. She dragged him all around the house. She would grab his hand and tell him exactly what she wanted him to do. They made ice cream out of play-dough, danced to Lady Gaga, traced they hands and colored hearts, did puzzles and watched re-runs of Bugs Bunny. Collin and I just sat back and watched and laughed.

Monday, April 26, 2010

14 Days Old

Dear Alex,
You are 2 weeks old today. You are such a happy baby and a delight for your dad and me. We love you so much! You are a little cuddle bug and love to be held and rocked in the glider. For the first week you would not let me put you down. I had to sleep in the glider holding you all night long, so you would sleep. When you're not sleeping you are eating. You LOVE to eat. In one sitting you can polish off a 4+oz bottle. So good work! Your pediatrician said an average baby drinks 2-3oz. The first week you were home you lost a lot of weight (down to 8.5 pounds), so I had to start pumping and bottle feeding you. I was amazed at how much you could eat. Mom has not caught up with you yet, so we have to supplement with formula. Since then you have gained some weight back and are much happier baby. You will be 10 pounds before you know it. Now that you have gained some weight, you sleep on your own in the co-sleeper and now I can get some sleep too. We go to bed around 11-12PM and by 3-4 AM you are ready for an early breakfast. But after a bottle you are back down for another 3.5 hours. Thank you for letting me get a little sleep, mom needs it!

Like most babies, you do NOT like getting dress or having your diaper changed. You go from 0 -10 in 3 seconds when we try to change you. And you have already peed all over your dad and me several times.

For only being 14 days old you are very loved. Your big sister is fascinated with you. When she walks in the room the first thing she wants to do is come see baby “Alec”. Her favorite thing to do is pat your head and count your toes. She also loves to cuddle up with you and mom in the glider. We barely fit but we all squeeze in and cuddle together. When you start crying she will come over and says “Oh Buddy” and pats you head. It’s so cute. I have a feeling you two will be good friends. Your grandparents love you very much too. Grandma Clark comes over every Wednesday to help out when papa is at night school. She loves to hold you and brings you cute little outfits and goodies for you. Grandpa Clark wants to come see you every weekend. He is so excited for a grandson. Your middle name is named after him. Grandpa and Grandma Swartz are building you and Morgan a tree house in the back yard. I know you will love it as you get bigger. Your aunt Isolde has come to see you several times and was there to witnessed your first breath. She has 3 kids, your big cousins, that are so excited to play with you when you get a little bigger.

We are all looking forward to watching you grow and develop into a little man. Last week you started to open your eyes and you looked around the room in amazement. I wonder how much you can see at this point and what you are thinking about. I'm curious about what your personality will be. What does your voice sound like and what will your passion and hobbies will be?

With lots of Love,
Your Mom

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pizza Pleeasse

Tonight the Nanakul's came over for a pizza making night. This is always a big hit. Morgan likes to help "make" food in the kitchen. We have found if she "helps" make the food she is much more likely to eat it... and that's always a good thing. And after dinner the kids put on a little dance show. A night at the Clark's would not be complete without a dance from Lady Gaga. Thank you Leanne for bringing the ingredients over and all the baby goodies!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alexander Michael Clark has Arrived!

Weighing in at 9 pounds and 11 ounces, Alexander Michael Clark was born April 14th, 2010. We were admitted to the hospital at 5am and Alex was born around 2PM. He was a little more work to get out than his big sister but it went well overall. The epidural was not distributed evenly so I could feel every contraction from start to finish. No rest for mom. However, the pain may have helped push this big guy out. A big thank you to wonderful husband for is always there for me, my aunt Kelli for helping me through labor, my sister Isolde for helping document Alex's birth, my dad for intimidating the hospital staff and making sure I get the best care and Grandma and Grandpa Clark for watching Morgan when we were in the hospital and bring us dinner so we did not have to eat the hospital food. I love you all!

Welcome to the world big guy!


And dear great grandma... no it was not twins.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Could it be Twins?

My grandma keeps telling me she thinks I'm having twins. Not the best thing to tell a pregnant mom.
It's been 9 months and 40 weeks (in my book) and I'm ready for this baby to be born. This pregnancy has not been the easiest. I am on blood thinners (daily shot of Lovenox), diagnosed with shortened cervix and was threatened with bed rest at 24 weeks, constant labor contractions, painful sciatic pain and bad carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. Not to mention the all the weight gain.
Due to blood thinners, I have a planed induction tomorrow at 5AM. They say Alex is only 38 weeks but at the ultra sound today he weighed in at 9.4 pounds and 41 weeks by growth. That puts him over 95% for size. With that said, I am a little anxious for labor tomorrow. And yes, they promised there is only 1 baby in there.