Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mr. Johnny Jumper

Alexander Clark will be 16 weeks tomorrow and is the happiest little BIG guy. His face lights up when you look at him. He has the biggest smile and love to laugh and talk. It's the cutest thing. Morgan did not smiled much as a baby, so it's extra special to see Alex grinning from ear to ear whenever you look at him. Also, Alex cried a lot as a newborn so we are so happy to see him grow out that. He has such a loving personality and the sweetest eyes and... only 16 weeks.

He his new thing is the Johnny Jumper, that a friend let us borrow. He jumps a little but mostly he runs around in circles smiling and laughing. His smiles and laughs makes up for all the sleepless nights.

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Procrasti-Mom said...

Love that last pict especially! Such a cutie!