Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GRAND I AM.. as a WHALE that is

Today was a momentous day. At 15 weeks, Alexander floated around in Beaver Lake for the first time. He loved the water. He sat up in his baby floaty and scooted around as if he had been doing it all summer. He loved the freedom of being able to walk around or maybe he just liked being in the nude. Morgan and Alex even played a little game of bumper boats. It looks like we might have another water baby on our hands.
After their evening swim both kids had a date with Mr. Bubbles. It was Morgan and Alex's first bath together. Bye bye baby tub, hello master bath. I think these two will be good friends if I can get Morgan to stop feeding Alex sand! Yikes, Morgan gave him a mouthful today. PS Thank you Grandma Clark for all your help tonight.

Earlier in the day... This sand is about to go straight into Alex's Mouth. Thanks big sister.

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