Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Precious Moments

I’m feeling overwhelmed these days. The lack of sleep and the demands of a new born baby and a two-year-old is catching up with me. I'm so use-to doing what I want, when I want it. Being a new mom again is a reality check. There are no more quick trips to the grocery store, relaxing play dates, long drives in the car, afternoon naps for mom, sit-down dinners or longs talks in the phone. But as hard and difficult as this time is, I have to remind myself how precious each moment is and how fast it will go. Exhausted from the week and with a pounding headache, I canceled my afternoon plans with my sister and I tried to relax and be in the moment, with no expectations or goals for the rest of the day. Morgan was asleep so I took some Tylenol and managed to get a short cat nap with Alex before Morgan was up. After nap, I was happy to see a little sunshine. So we put our shoes and went down to play at the lake. Here are a few of our precious moments from the afternoon. I didn't even mind when Collin texted to say he had to work late.

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MommyBrain said...

Becoming a mom again really took a toll on me, too. I remember many days when it all seemed overwhelming ... much more so than the first time. I felt out-of-touch. I felt a little lost. Trying to regain my "life" seemed impossible and a little frustrating. But I realized - exactly what you said - all of this will be over before we know it, and we'll miss it. Good for you for claiming this afternoon for precious moment-making ... the photos are sweet evidence of your love for M and A :)